• The Road to Secure Cryptography: Understanding and Preventing Common Misuses was a talk I gave at the Grazer Linux Tage 2023 to showcase some common missuses in cryptography.Video Slide deck
  • Trust but verify: Why you should update was a joint talk at the Grazer Linux Tage 2022 where my colleges of the CTF team and I talked about some of the biggest security vulnerabilities of 2021/22. I talked about the Log4Shell vulnerability how it works and what the impact was. Slide deck
  • LosFuzzys Beginner training - Introduction to CTF At the beginning of each semester we have trainings for people who are interested in joining LosFuzzys. Often times participants have limited experience playing CTFs prior to coming to these trainings. This talked is aimed to introduce the core concepts of a CTF.
    Slide deck